Best Beer Ever

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The Worlds Greatest Beer:

The World's Bestest Beer

The World's Greatest


Feeding the Hangover Monster

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It never occured to me until Boo pointed out one day, that hangovers are expensive. Usually its a forgotten cost as the only thing flowing through your head is the amount drank the previous night.

I am one for doing anything to make yourself feel better whilst undergoing a hangover. Usually whilst feeling sorry for myself I’ll try anything and everything in the hope that it will sort me out. Not only is it the cost of the night out but I’ve now realised it is also very much so the following day that dents the wallet.

Today I have fed the hangover monster.

  • coupious amounts of tea
  • 2 x cans of coke
  • 1 x bottle of fanta
  • 1 x bacon & egg roll
  • 1 x cheeseburger with fries
  • 1 x pack of quavers
  • 1 x pack of mini-cheddars
  • 1 x twix

That’s alot and it adds up…I arrived in work this morning with around £18 and left at the end of the day with £3!!

Is that ever going to put me off drinking though? NEVER infact knowing I get to pig out the next day is only an added bonus.

Sunny Saturday

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A pony enjoying the Saturday sunshine

A pony enjoying the Saturday sunshine

Last Saturday was a suprisingly beautiful day for the UK in September. The whole mood of the population seem to lift to happier realms as everyone headed to the beaches. I decided to grab the camera, drive around the Gower and take some pictures.

I stopped by this lake and this horse just streched out fully enjoying the afternoon sunshine. Thought it made a great picture and captured the mood of the day.

Red Sky at night

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Nice red sun set

Let the season begin

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Gig season is upon us, and to kick us off we have Yacht playing at the Welsh Club.

Am really excited about seeing this band and looking forward to Jona’s moves onstage. Also did I mention they sell Sambucca for £1.50 per shot? Oh yes am going in hungover on Wednesday.

Here’s some of the antics to be expected:

Why isn’t every weekend this good?

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The view from our campsite

The view from our campsite

Camping in St Davids this weekend was great fun. On Saturday there was general chilling out all day, followed by a delicious pub meal in the evening. We then headed with our bellies full back to the beach to build a bonfire, around which many beers were consumed.

I now want to go camping every weekend!

Checking out

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This weekend I can be found on the west coast of Pembrokeshire in the UK’s smallest city known as St Davids. I am looking forward to a weekend of camping and all the joys that go with that.

Main objectives of the weekend are to;

  • jump in the sea – possibly naked!
  • drink beers (lots of them)
  • drink jim bean
  • eat a nice meal in a pub

And thats pretty much it.

Good times.